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At Berks we provide easy access to online ordering for all of the most sought after as seen on tv products!

Iron Gym Pull Up Bar

Get the ultimate quick and easy use doorframe pull up bar, and turn any room into a home gym!
Iron Gym

Push Up Pro Handles

Get Jack Zatorski's Push Up Pro rotating push up handles for a better overall workout routine.
Push Up Pro

The Slanket

The amazing fleece blanket with sleeves The Slanket! Get it for your home or RV. Indoors or out the the Slanket will keep you toasty warm.

Pops A Dent

The professional at home dent removal system, with patent pending design, that is safe for your car!
Pops A Dent

The Pink Snuggie

The super comfy fleece blanket with big roomy sleeves! Finally pick up a Pink Snuggie for yourself or as a perfect gift for that special lady!
Pink Snuggie

Joy Mangano's Huggable Hangers

Full size hangers that help your clothes maintain clean and fresh look.
Joy Mangano's Huggable Hangers

The Swivel Sweeper

The handy cordless sweeper that swivels! Perfect for quick cleanup of those small messes, and picking the dirt up off the carpet for those visitors that give short notice!
Swivel Sweeper

Ron Popeil CNBC's Bizography

Continuing their coverage of TV sales industry icons CNBC turned their cameras on Ron Popeil, and his lifelong career in television advertising.
Review Story

George Foreman Covered On CNBC's Bizography

CNBC's newest bio series is putting a lot of focus on those who've made much of their millions in the infomercial industry, this weeks episode followed Mr. Foreman's long strange journey.
Review Story

Erin vs. Flo

The hipster girl next door, or the inspiration for all of the Mirror's Edge cutscenes? We take a hard look at the insurance superwomen.
Review Story

The Worst Year Of Big Brother Ever

How could this joke of reality television get any worse than it has been for the past eleven seasons? Allison Grodner's abilities as a producer.
Review Story

Big Brother Off TV Update For Saturday

What happened in the veto competition, who won, who had to shave their head, and who's going home next.
Review Story

True Blood Sunday Bloody Sunday

Britney from BB might be proof that not all short girls have awesome butts, but True Blood's Sookie with her gravity defying booty pop makes up for at least a thousand flat Britneys.
Review Story