Julie Edlow, Singer/Songwriter, On Her Journey from Musical Theater to Acoustic Folk

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We have to admit, we were easily seduced by the harmonies of Wernersville, PA, performers Kris Kehr and Julie Edlow. Kris and Julie were kind enough to spend a few minutes with Berks.TV recently prior to one of their shows at Stonersville Hotel in Birdsboro, PA.

We asked each of them about their background and influences as musicians. We shared Kris’s thoughts here on Berks.TV last week.

In this segment, Julie talks about her evolution as a musician, from the early days doing musical theater and learning to play guitar, to joining Black Eyed Susan (then a Baltimore-based band), to meeting Kris and opening for his band, The Recipe, and then on to joining The Recipe and most recently performing as a duo with Kris. The two play together frequently in the Reading, PA, area, and also throughout the East Coast.

Though she grew up on soul, R&B, and, funk, Julie now says “some of what I write is more influenced from a female singer songwriter perspective like Fiona Apple or Ani DiFranco.”

Many thanks to Kris and Julie for allowing us to use footage from their Stonersville show in June, 2006.

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  1. Great video! I saw Julie and Kris’s first set last Friday at Stonersville and they totally rocked! Is there a way to sign up to be notified about future interviews with them?

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