Sarah Reese: “Berks County is a wonderland for horse owners”

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A quick drive out Oley Turnpike earlier this week found us in the equine paradise of Passport Farms. We’d been invited to spend some time with Sarah Reese, president of Berks Equine Council, to hear about the Council’s work in the community and some of their upcoming events.

“Berks County is a wonderland for horse owners,” she said. The Council is a non-profit dedicated to horses, horse owners, open space, and educating people about what horses bring to Berks County.

Though perhaps not as famous for horses as neighboring Chester County, Berks County, PA, has a deep and well-preserved equine tradition, as you’ll hear Sarah describe. Frontier-day horses from Berks County pulled settlers West, Sarah said. Michael Matz, an Olympian and trainer of the race horse Barbaro, hails from Shillington, Berks County.

The tradition lives today, and the Council, through its education programs and professional shows and events, is at the center. More information about upcoming events Sarah mentions can be found on the Council’s calendar.

In an upcoming segment with Sarah, you’ll hear her talk about how she got hooked on horses, and why she sees many becoming passionate about horses as adults. She’ll also share her thoughts on the race horse Barbaro, this year’s Kentucky Derby winner who suffered a career-ending injury in the Preakness.

The handsome Hubley, the other star of this segment, is a 14-year-old belonging to Sarah’s daughter. Considering how patient and friendly he was (even in the 100-degree heat), we suspect this isn’t his first starring role!

UPDATE and Note to readers: Horse aficionodo or not, you’ll enjoy this higher resolution (640×360) version of the same video presented above. At 32 MB, it’s only slightly larger, but the more vibrant colors and detail are worth the extra download time. Enjoy the clip in your browser, or right-click on that link above and save the file, then view it after it’s fully downloaded. This will give you a sense of the exiting things to come on Berks.TV, and with video on the web in general.

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