Jolene – Reading, PA, Singer/Songwriter on Making Music as an Independent

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Among the more fun and enjoyable aspects of running an Internet TV channel in Berks County is the chance to get out and meet some of the many area singer/songwriters, hear their music, and learn first hand about their craft.

We met Jolene last week at the Hard Bean Cafe in West Reading, PA, where she organizes a singer/songwriter night the first Thursday of each month. Equally at home on the guitar, mandolin, and harmonica, Jolene has two full solo CDs behind her and three more in the making.

Here’s what one reviewer wrote about Jolene:

“The most striking thing about Jolene is that she’s a walking contradiction. It would be easy to say that she’s a paradox, but that be over complicating things. Paradoxes seem to imply that there is some mystery or enigma, but Jolene’s at home wearing her emotions on her sleeve. She’s not content to draw any punches, and that helps to create the contradiction. Not only does her music have the youthful amazement and joy of a child, but she has the maturity of wise old woman in not only her courage to be forward with her emotions, but also her intelligent presentation of those emotions.”

What started out as a “living room venture” has become a nice side career, as you’ll hear her describe in this segment. Jolene keeps the world apprised of her progress via her website and connects with other musicians via her MySpace page, where you can also sample some of her music.

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2 thoughts on “Jolene – Reading, PA, Singer/Songwriter on Making Music as an Independent”

  1. Jolene is one of the most talented musicians in this area, and beyond. This girl deserves checking out. Go to one of her shows and I guarantee you won’t be dissappointed. She’s one of the area’s greatest musical treasures. You will go far Jolene…

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