Reading, PA’s Blogging Mayor Tom McMahon, Part One

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We think it’s safe to say that he’s one of the only blogging mayors in the U.S. In fact, Google shows Reading, PA, Mayor Tom McMahon poised to break into the top ten in a search for “mayor blog.” That’s pretty good for a guy whose full-time job is running a city! But never mind Google juice. Mr. McMahon’s blog is both a platform for personal expression and a venue for community dialogue.

As you can imagine, Mr. McMahon, an engineer-turned-mayor, has been high on our list to interview for Berks.TV. He didn’t disappoint. Come to find out, he and Berks.TV rather have a lot in common when it comes to a passion for tech and the Internet. When we visited his office earlier this week we talked Wikipedia, wifi, blogs, online video, and putting the Web to work for communities.

In this segment, Mr. McMahon shares how he got started blogging and some of his favorite topics to blog about–entries on trash cleanup, mentoring and reading programs, and things to do around town.

In an upcoming segment with the Mayor, you’ll hear about his blog reading habits and how he uses the Internet as part of his job. He also answers the question of whether or not he reads other mayors’ blogs. And yes, he gets some of his news through online video. We think you’ll definitely enjoy learning about the man behind the blog, so stay tuned!

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