RiverFest – Reminder of the New River Development in Reading, PA


The recent RiverFest celebration in Reading, PA provided many opportunities to be reminded of the development efforts in progress along the stretch of the Schuylkill River running through the region. RiverPlace Development Corporation’s Bob Behling spent some time with us on camera in July explaining the details.

Video: RiverPlace’s Bob Behling – Using the Power of the Schuylkill to Unite Communities

Video: RiverPlace’s Bob Behling – Details on River Development Projects

NOTE: The image above is of part of the mural on the canal bridge near the Reading Area Community College’s Campus. The plate reads “Built by The Pennsylvania Steel Co., Steelton, PA, 1915”

The image below looks upriver along the walking path, which features the first in a series of planned plantings of Japanese Cherry Trees.




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