Visiting Hawk Mountain This Fall

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This week we visited Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in northern Berks County, where it’s prime raptor migration season. We have lots more footage we’ll be sharing in the next few weeks, but we wanted to be sure to let you know what you can see there right now.

If you visit this time of year, there’s a decent chance of seeing a selection of broad-winged hawks, eagles, and osprey, among others. The morning we were there, the sanctuary, which is located just north of the Appalachian Trail on Blue Mountain, was visited by osprey, a bald eagle, and several northern harriers. On one recent day, sanctuary officials tallied more than 7500 broad-winged hawks.

In this clip, Hawk Mountain President Lee Schisler, Jr., talks about what visitors can expect this time of year–fall colors, a variety of raptors and other birds, and volunteers throughout the sanctuary to help visitors learn about the birds. We’ll tell you it’s well worth the visit.

In upcoming segments, we’ll hear more from Lee Schisler, Jr. about the history of the sanctuary and research and education programs offered there. We’ll also hear from a Costa Rica native working at the sanctuary as an intern this season.

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