Hawk Mountain History and Research

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In this follow-up to our first segment on Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, we learn about the history of the property and its long record of raptor research.

In 1934, Rosalie Edge, a women’s rights activist and conservationist, leased the property in an effort to end the raptor shooting and establish a wildlife sanctuary.

Environmentalist and author Rachel Carson visited Hawk Mountain and used its research data to build a case against DDT in her book Silent Spring.

Today the 2,600-acre property in northern Berks County, PA is both a destination for bird watchers from across North America and an outpost for migration research attracting professionals from around the globe.

Our thanks again to Lee Schisler, Jr. and all the Hawk Mountain staff for hosting the Berks.TV crew and granting permission to use the historical and educational photos you’ll see in this segment.

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