BCTV’s Ann Sheehan on the Upcoming Community Conversations Series

Berks County, PA has a long history of pioneering interactive media, with Berks Community Television at the forefront in engaging people in a dialogue about their community.

The annual Community Conversations series on BCTV launches January 16 (check out the programming schedule), with topics to include health care, crime, immigration, education, and arts and entertainment. We sat down with Executive Director Ann Sheehan to talk about the series.

“One of the things that really makes BCTV programming better is when there’s a lot of participation by home viewers, so we hope that people will participate either by phone or by email and take part in the conversation,” she said.

This year for the first time, viewers will be able to Instant Message their comments and questions. Very slick!


Download Video: Quicktime, Running time: 2:00, 12MB

If you’re having difficulty viewing this video, you may need to download Quicktime from the Apple website.


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