Kutztown Folk Festival – and Allan Johnson on Natural Soapmaking

A pinnacle of Pennsylvania Dutch goodness comes each summer in the form of a weeklong celebration of art, music, technology, food, faith, and domestic method. Berks.TV was there this year at the Kutztown Folk Festival, in Kutztown, PA, on a beautiful weekday morning to grab some stunningly colorful footage on our high definition camera.

Here we’re pleased to present some clips from around the soapmaker’s kettle, the bandstage, and the barnyard (our favorites are the sleepy chick and the kissing bunnies).

A special thanks goes out to Allan Johnson of Herbs for Healthful Living of Saegertown, PA, and all the guys from Blue Mountain Gospel Express, who you see near the beginning of this segment.

Stay tuned to Berks.TV for more from Allan Johnson about the unique and ancient process of making soap the natural way.

The festivities in northeastern Berks County wrap up on July 9.

Download Video: Quicktime, Running time: 3:21, 18.7MB

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