Great Places to Ride Motorcycles in Berks County, PA – Part 1

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of articles about motorcycle routes in Berks County, PA.

Berks County residents have the good fortune of having great places to ride motorcycles. Not only are there excellent places to ride within the county, there are also many scenic and interesting destinations within half a day’s ride of Berks County. As a matter of fact, moving to Berks County from a more congested area in eastern Pennsylvania two years ago is what prompted me to get back into riding motorcycles.

I spend many hours each week commuting to work by motorcycle and by car, and weekends are my time get out on two wheels, strike up a more relaxed pace, and enjoy the scenery of Berks County. In this series of articles I’ll talk about some areas in Berks County that are especially fun to explore on two wheels.


Above photo: The Pleasantville Covered Bridge on Covered Bridge Road, just off of Route 73 between Boyertown and Oley, is a favorite attraction of bikers and automobile tourists alike.

In the eastern part of Berks County, there are many picturesque and rider-friendly roads within minutes of Reading, PA. The area north of Exeter and Douglassville, between Routes 422 and 222, offers hours of laid-back, light-traffic riding. Country roads bisecting farms and old Pennsylvania towns and villages are the norm.

To start exploring this area, take Business Route 422 West from Reading. Make a left onto Route 562/Boyertown Road at the three-way intersection near McDonalds. You can take Route 562 east all the way to Boyertown, PA – a 15 or 20 minute ride from that intersection. Once on 562, you can take Route 662 north toward Oley, or south toward Douglassville. In this part of the county, you’re never far from one of these two roads. Both are two-lane, low traffic roads offering both wide-open countryside vistas and woodsy touring.

Powder Mill Hollow – Oley – Jacksonwald Ride

One of my favorite afternoon rides (about 30 miles altogether) takes me west on Route 562/Boyertown Road from the intersection with Shoffers Road at Stonersville Hotel. Just past the intersection at Yellow House, look for Powder Mill Hollow Road on the left. Powder Mill Hollow Road winds up the mountain, passing a reservoir and recreational areas near the top of the mountain, as well as orchards and vineyards on the far side.

Making a left on the stop sign takes you to an intersection with Route 73. A left on Route 73 takes you in a northwesterly direction towards Oley through Shanesville and Manatawny. After several miles you’ll see the intersection with Route 622. Taking Route 622 South you cross the open fields of the Oley Valley. A right onto Oley Turnpike takes you past some dairy and horse farms and through the old village of Oley Line.

Continuing on Oley Turnpike, make a left on Route 562 in Jacksonwald, and in a few minutes you’ll be back at Stonersville Hotel, where on weekends you can enjoy a light lunch (try the taco salad) or early dinner (their burgers are great, too!).

Want to see it on a map? Check out this map of Oley, PA US.

Whether you ride for pleasure, or your daily commute offers you a chance to take a few quick detours, Berks County, PA is a great place to get back into motorcycling or continue to indulge your craving for the open road.

Safe riding!


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  1. Still waiting for part 2 and more…
    My husband and I each ride our own motorcycles. We have taken this trek many times. My husband was raised in Oley and knows many back country roads, beautiful! Sometime I wish I was on the back again so I could just look around more.

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