Radio Control Enthusiasts in Berks County; Jim Ellis Flies His First Chopper Loop

A clear weekend afternoon on a hilltop in Hamburg, PA, was the setting for this segment exploring the world of radio control aircraft enthusiasts in Berks County. More than a dozen pilots were on hand to take advantage of the spectacular flying conditions at the field where members of the Tri-County Wing Snappers gather each weekend to refine their dips, tricks, and rolls–or just relax and enjoy the view from the clubhouse.

Paul Hartley, president of the Tri-County Wing Snappers, talked about the club’s work and some ideas on how newcomers can get their bearings.

The enormous Giles 202 you see at the beginning of this segment belongs to Lee Buskirk. Later on, Jim Ellis flies his first chopper loop. We were lucky to capture it on camera. Congrats, Jim!

In a future segment, veteran RC pilot John Messersmith talks about the variety of types of RC aircraft, and we’re treated to smoke-blowin’ fly-bys.

NOTE: The TCWS pilots are real media buffs, too. They were shooting digitals that day, including some of Berks.TV’s Dan Karleen, and had posted them on their website in less than 24 hours. They’ve been shooting lots of video and posting it online, too.

Download Video: Quicktime, Running time: 5:15, 33MB

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