Tito Rivera and the Hip Hop Culture Foundation, Part One

From the first time he wrote a rap ten years ago, to launching the Hip Hop Culture Foundation in Reading, PA, Tito Rivera has been hooked on the power of musical culture as a shaping force in society.

In this segment, Tito talks about the gap between the gangster-oriented commercial perspective on Hip Hop and what he calls the “genuine Hip Hop” that focuses on the cultural expression of break dancing, graffiti, emcee’ing, and DJ’ing.

The idea behind the Hip Hop Culture Foundation, he explains, is to promote character and career development through the common language of Hip Hop. Tito envisions a series of programs that appeal to a variety of age groups and to single individuals over a period of many years.

“The Hip Hop Culture Foundation is about figuring out ways to develop our young people, to develop our community, and another part of it is to create a network, to create a real community and ways for them to interact,” Tito says.

In a future segment on the Hip Hop Culture Foundation, we’ll hear about some of the Foundation’s specific projects, and how Tito would like to see the community get involved.

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  1. What about part 2? theres a lot moving between NJ/NY/PA HHCF of A. Call me and let me know when your ready for the update. This is tito himself, my cell # is 732-664-2032.

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